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The Original Patent Troll

Bless YouTube. Check out The Original Patent Troll, an excerpt from a 1994 educational video. Much funnier than what patent trolls have turned into. See the Yahoo Patent Troll.


Empirical Evidence that Software Patents Stiffle Innovation

In a direct lift from Brad Feld’s Brad Feld’s(fixed link) recent post, a pointer to Slashdot’s post that that a Critic of Software Patents Wins [the] Nobel Prize in Economics. “One recent subject of Professor Maskin’s wide-ranging research has been on the value of software patents. He determined that software was a market where innovations tended to be sequential, in that they were built closely on the work of predecessors, and innovators could take many different paths to the same goal. In such markets, he said, patents might serve as a wall that inhibited innovation rather than stimulating progress.”

Brad’s found a bunch of other resources I’ll add to the links page.

How Software Patents Work

This video is hysterical, even without the across-the-pond pronunciation of PAY-tent.

I’m consolidating links on the links page, so you won’t have to search the blog entries.

Software patents are evil

Our attorney claims that software patents will not go away in either of our lifetimes. I want to prove him wrong.