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Software patents are evil. Evil not because they themselves are immoral, but because they cause foster immoral behavior.

As an entrepreneur trying to grow a B2B ISV (that’s a business-to-business independent software vendor), the single biggest threat to my company is the prospect, however remote, of having to defend our IP (intellectual property) in a patent infringement lawsuit.

I’ve been heads-down, embroiled in the day-to-day aspects of running my company. Huge hunks of my time is buried in software license negotiation, and the inevitable contention over patent indemnification. I want to raise my voice and scream, hopefully not in an empty wilderness, about how software patents are ruining an industry I’ve been involved in for almost 30 years.

Why am I anonymous? A business decision. To mix metaphors: I can’t risk being a poster child, there are too many sharks in the sea.


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